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The Holistic Pages Is Out! Edition for Jan 9, 2015

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the HOLISTIC pages - Schizophrenia

the HOLISTIC pages - Chakras


We are pleased to announce that, this week, The Holistic Pages can offer contributions from 9 publishers, medical experts, psychologists, therapists, etc.

Articles to look out for in this edition:

  • Bullies and their victims may be at higher risk for suicide – MedicineNet
  • Intro to Root Chakra – Yoga Journal
  • Diagnosed with Schizophrenia? Coping and Treatment Options – ACA
  • A double life – being an identical twin – The Holistic Healing Centre
  • Low Vitamin D levels linked to Risk of Preterm Birth in Study – WebMD

Have a look at our video collection for the week:

….there is more:

As usual other subjects under discussion includes:

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I would also like to thank the contributors to this publication for sharing their expert opinions, their insightful videos and brilliant photographs with my readers. Please feel free to visit their websites if you enjoyed their articles.

The contributors in this issue is:

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The Holistic Pages is out – Edition: 5 December 2014

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A collection of news articles focusing on healing and balance of mind, body and spirit, acknowledging the world around us and our social network with kindness and compassion.


Published by Sharon Halliday Hattingh                                                        5 December 2015

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Today’s headline

This Year’s Flu Vaccine Less Effective Than Hoped

www­.webmd.com – Dec. 4, 2014

Flu season is well underway, and the CDC says the flu shot may not be

offering as much protection as experts had hoped.

”So far this season, influenza A – H3N2 viruses have been….

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Practice Yoga Inversions to Boost Immunity for Cold and Flu Season

 – If you’d just as soon skip winter’s colds and flu this year, you may want to spend more time on your mat. Tias Little, director of Prajna Yoga, believes a practice that includes….Click here to continue reading.

7 contributors – featured today: 

Yoga Journal..plus 6 more


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