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NewYear, NewBeginning

I’ve seen the phenomena many times; people come to see the counselor/psychologist for whatever reason. Diagnosis is often anxiety or depression, which is quite correct, but what many individuals fail to understand is that the root of many of their problems lie in the choices they have made themselves.

Life is about choices, and granted, sometimes making such choices take some chemical intervention. Less anxiety, better choices….making certain choices can be really hard, but the bottom-line is, they are CHOICES. You can decide to cut off connections with a poisonous friend or to stop drinking alcohol, smoking, negative thinking, whatever your vice maybe. Whether you need the support of a professional and a pill or two, well, that is also entirely up to you. In the end, you see, you have the power to change your life, whether you believe it or not.

The problem is, people rarely take responsibility for their own miserable dispositions. They blame it on colleagues, exes, family members, past traumatic events, illness, and so forth. All these are valid reasons to be depressed, yes, and you may have been completely innocent of causing any of these bad events and/or relationship break-ups, but you are still responsible for your own decision to cling to it. I understand that letting go is never easy, therefore you have the option to get help; someone you can talk to who can guide you through your healing process.

Why not decide today to take back control of your life, reclaim your power and move forward, leaving those old hurts behind. Trust me, you CAN, yes, you cannot change the past, it is done, but you can decide today to change your future.


Come on friends, life can be such a beautiful adventure, a wonderful and precious gift, don’t let old grudges, pains and sorrows it away from you. And if you need help? Don’t ever be embarrassed to reach out; talk to somebody.

This then is my challenge to all: don’t let the past steal your joy, close the door on it and start living YOUR life with gratitude, peace and happiness.


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10 Ways To Start Living Up To Your True Potential

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10 Ways To Start Living Up To Your True Potential

Have you ever wished that life wasn’t so difficult? Or imagined how easy it would be if you had more money, a different job or a better body?

I have. Many times.

When I was younger, I desperately wanted to lose weight. I daydreamed that if I had the perfect body, then my life would be perfect too.

Looking back, I’m deeply grateful for my health and weight challenges. Being overweight, along with having chronic asthma and eczema, created the necessary discomfort required to look beyond the conventional route, so that I could find my own path to healing.

Pain in your life always comes with an important message. It shows you there’s a different way. Life is telling you that you are not yet living your full potential or being true to yourself.

So, if you’re ready to live a fuller, more truly aligned life, here are 10 ways to get started:

1. Start with self-love.

Start with learning how to love who you are today, including your amazing body. From a place of self-love, it becomes so much easier to see what’s serving you, as well as what is not.

2. Stop dieting.

Dieting, deprivation and guilt are all forms of punishment. Instead, focus on nourishing your heart and spirit. Do what you love, then spend your time doing more of that! Do you love writing, drawing or singing? Do you harbor a secret wish to go traveling? Do you love to get together with friends for coffee and cake? Whatever brings you real joy, focus your time and energy on those things.

3. Sincerely try to know yourself.

Spend time getting to know yourself. Ask yourself the bigger questions. What are my strengths? What are my passions? What do I love to do more than anything else in the world? How can I spend my time doing or being that? Real magic happens when you listen to your intuitive guidance.

4. Learn how to trust.

This includes trusting your intuition, other people and even life itself. The more that you can learn to trust in the Universe around you, the more you can relax and enjoy your life, knowing that everything is going to be OK in the end.

5. Say no.

Give yourself permission to say no to the obligations, expectations, shoulds and musts of others in your life, so that you can spend time doing the things that are important and really matter to you.

6. Say yes to yourself.

Say “yes” to the things that make you feel good. Embrace more peace and less stress in your life. Say yes to play and creative self-expression.

7. Get outside your comfort zone.

The more you go beyond what is comfortable, it’s natural that fears and doubts will arise. Step into courage and be courageous. Tell yourself you can do it. And believe in your heart that you can do it. Because you can!

8. Be kind to yourself.

Speak kindly and encourage yourself, as if you were speaking to a small child. Use positive affirmations. Celebrate the little achievements in your day, and let yourself feel really proud of yourself. Aim for progress, not perfection.

9. Take baby steps.

Just for today, make one small change or improvement to your life. Repeat it until it becomes ingrained and feels natural and normal.

10. Start your healing journey.

Give yourself permission to do the things that are meaningful for you. Listen to your heart so that you can begin transforming your deepest pain into your own beautiful gift.

If you want to start your own healing journey, you can download for free the first chapter of my book here.

About the Author

Katrina Love Senn is an International yoga teacher, healer and author of the ground-breaking book called ‘Losing Weight is a Healing Journey’.

15 years ago, a health crisis set Katrina on the path for deeper answers. Bedridden, she had to be spoon fed back to health by her own Mother. During this time, Katrina learned how to heal her body from within, and also lost over 60 pounds naturally with no diets, deprivation or drugs.

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8 Ways Happy People Approach The World Differently

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Via 8 Ways Happy People Approach The World Differently.


You know those people, the ones who seem to have a permanent glow. They’re always smiling and have infectious energy oozing out of their pores. How did they get to be so happy?

I’ve made tremendous strides in my life to reach happiness, leaving a corporate job after burnout, depression, drug addictions and eating disorders. I’ve come to realize being and staying happy is no small feat. It actually has little to do with outside influences. Real happiness comes with daily action and inward focus.

Creating happiness as a habit is possible. But just like any redirection in life, the small, subtle steps often reap the largest rewards. Here are the super-subtle habits of happy people.

1. They think with their hearts.

Instead of trying to solve problems by overanalyzing, worrying or stressing out, the happiest people in the world trust the advice of their heart. They are in touch with their intuition and feelings.

2. They are in love with the process.

Truly happy people understand the journey is the reward. The process of reaching your goals is more about the journey. They’ve learned “here” is the most important part of life. When we can be present for the process, we can feel fully alive and joyful.

3. They are curious about the unknown.

Instead of fearing the unknown or worrying about what will happen, happy people focus on what they want and take steps to make things happen. They are curious about life and allow it to unfold naturally.

4. They put more faith in love over fear.

Happy people use their strengths and focus on what they are good at. They know their talent is more powerful than their fears. And they choose loving thoughts and perceptions over fear-based reactions.

5. They forgive themselves for judging others.

Yes, the happiest people in the world still fall into judgment and jealousy. The difference? They quickly bounce out. Comparing ourselves to others is part of being human, but happy folks forgive themselves and others, and choose not to hang out in this emotion. They also send love and compassion to the people who hurt them the most. When you can forgive others and yourself, you will feel inner peace.

6. They change their minds.

Happy peeps appreciate the growth and contrast that comes with living life fully, which means changing their mind is not a step back, but rather a step forward. Changing your mind, from career choices, relationships, places you live, even changing up dreams, is about honoring your internal compass.

7. They let go.

Happy people let go of situations and things that drag them down, including people. They aren’t afraid to let go ofrelationships or walk away from negative people. Burning bridges is not something they set out to do, but happy people recognize some people are not meant to stay in their lives. Happy people surround themselves with support, including uplifting people who believe in them.

8. They know family matters.

No matter what, at the end of it all, we have our family. Despite our differences, family is the most important part of living a rich life. Whether you are close to your immediate family or your family of friends, leaning on people we love and supporting one another is essential for a fulfilling life. Tell someone you love how much they mean to you today. It will make all the difference in the world.

For more inspiration on how to be happy grab this FREE Love Your Life To The Fullest Guide.

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About the Author

Shannon Kaiser has been labeled a modern thought leader on the rise by CafeTruth. She is the bestselling author of “Find Your Happy, an Inspirational Guide to Loving Life to Its Fullest,” and the founder of the website playwiththeworld.com, which was awarded Top 75 Best Personal Growth Websites and top 100 Self-Help Blogs on the internet by The Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Connect on her author Facebook Page @Shannon Kaiser Writes or Twitter.

She left her successful career in advertising to follow her heart and be a writer, life coach, inspirational speaker, travel writer and author. She is a five-time contributing author to Chicken Soup for The Soul. Shannon’s work has been featured in media outlets such as Good Morning America, Good Day New York, and Inside Edition. She’s writing her next book The Mental Makeover (Berkley/ Penguin Random House 2015).