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The Holistic Pages is out! Edition: January23, 2015

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Yoga Journal

We are pleased to announce that, this week, The Holistic Pages can offer contributions from 10 publishers, medical experts, psychologists, therapists, etc.

the HOLISTIC pages

Articles to look out for in this edition:

the HOLISTIC pages

Have a look at our video collection for the week:

·         Plant Hydrosol Collection + via YouTube       

Neuro Muscular Therapy Training (NMT) – National Holistic Institute

Click here for more videos.

the HOLISTIC pages

….there is even more:

·         Intro into Heart Chakra – The Yoga Journal

·         Use of Male IVF Procedure Doubled in the Past Decade – WebMD

·         Writing your way to Happiness – NYTimes – ACA

·         Photo’s shared by Dr Ginger:

the HOLISTIC pages

the HOLISTIC pagesthe HOLISTIC pages

the HOLISTIC pages

As usual other subjects under discussion includes:

As editor, I would like to thank Paper.li for the opportunity to to publish this weekly newsletter. They made it very easy (if you are interested in creating your own paper, click here.).

I would also like to thank the contributors to this publication for sharing their expert opinions, their insightful videos and brilliant photographs with my readers. Please feel free to visit their websites if you enjoyed their articles.

Some of the contributors in this issue is:

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