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Life of an empath

An empath is someone who has the capacity to feel what other people are feeling—sometimes to such an extent that it actually can be hard to discern other people’s emotions from their own. Empaths can also absorb emotions and energy from others subconsciously.


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Communication: how to get the message across

12 March

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I will dare to suggest that communication is the force that drives modern society. Sometimes the message gets a bit scrambled and the outcome frowned upon, but communicate we do, constantly.

These days we rely mostly on ‘virtual’ means of communication. We text, send voice notes, Skype, send e-mails, chat on social media or write blogs, like this one. Yet, sometimes, we are required to actually interact with others. This means that we are expected to communicate, not just verbally, but through body language, tone of voice and facial expressions. Person to person communication is a bit more complicated than just putting together a quick email to send out in bulk to a thousand recipients.

Carmen Harra wrote a very insightful article for All 4 Women about the golden rules of communication. This is something the younger generation, who seem to be more skilled at thumb-tapping texts at the speed of light, than actual speech, may find quite useful. Even more experienced speakers may learn something. I know I did and I LOVE talking, but there is a difference between purposeful interaction and just chatting a mile a minute.

If you’ve ever had trouble to get your message across, Harra’s article will give you plenty guidance. Here are the first 4 of her 7 golden rules for communication:

  1. Listen first, speak later.
  2. Watch your body language — relaxed and natural helps deliver the message.
  3. Write down your thoughts before you speak them.
  4. Know your audience — target your words to their specific needs.

Want to find out how to use these and the other 3 rules in your communication at home, work and socially?? Read her article here.


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