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Feeling peckish? Snack on these.

14 March

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Some of us REALLY have trouble getting from meal to meal. Instead of taking your break with a KitKat (sorry manufacturer), which is packed with delicious chocolate, yes, but also contains loads of sugar. Why not grab some of these in the image above?

I know you sometimes feel a bit deflated, especially by 3 in the afternoons, but a banana and some cashews will do the trick and you will not see the results in your hips!

Late at night and you crave something? Nuke some popcorn in the microwave!

Remember, investing in your health pays of BIG time! Try this for a week or so, you will not be sorry.


San Luis Valley Health: article by: Elario


Lose those kilo’s with Protein

11 March

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If you are struggling to maintain or lose those extra pounds no matter WHAT you try, this may be helpful to you.

Did you know that, by increasing your protein intake, you may actually feel fuller for longer. This means that you will be less tempted to snack in between meals, which in turn will increase your chances of actually shedding some weight.

A health blog quotes the NCBI: “In one study, participants ate 441 less calories a day when increasing protein intake by 15% to 30%”.


A Health


Health benefits of potatoes

9 March

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So, you think potatoes are boring. SURPRISE!! They are PACKED with nutrients!

People say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, well, I will dare to suggest that a potato a day will do the same AND it may save your life.

Why? Well, it helps in reducing the risk of high blood sugar, strokes and heart attacks. It also assists your body in fighting inflammation and it helps to cleanse your liver.

In addition to its health benefits, it is a most versatile root vegetable. You can prepare it in a million ways.

Next time you need a boost of energy, don’t grab a snack bar, boil a potato and eat it skin and all. I guarantee that you will feel like a million bucks.


A health blog – 

Healthy bedtime snacks


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How many times have your child poked you awake in the middle of the night and announced that he is hungry? As a parent, I often just sigh, get up and give them some crisps and a glass of milk. Cloudb, a blog focusing on sleeping tips, suggests that we should make a bedtime snack part of a child’s routine.

Now, please, don’t just give in to the temptation of grabbing something quick and stuffing your child with high calorie snacks. You will have them bouncing off the walls and you may end up clawing at those same walls in frustration!

You need calming foods such as bananas, milk. Bananas, for instance, are packed with vitamin B6 and magnesium. B6 is a vitamin that aids the body in producing serotonin, a relaxing neurotransmitter, that aids in sleep. Magnesium, also found abundantly in almond butter, prevents insomnia.

In addition to the snacks mentioned in the image above, you can consider tart cherry juice, which is a source of melatonin, the sleep regulating hormone. A cup of popcorn, dusted with cinnamon and paprika, is also ideal. The carbs in popcorn aids the release of insulin, which has been proved to influence your circadian clock and helps to boost your metabolism. For more of these snack ideas, click here.

Of course these snacks can also be helpful for grown-ups. If you are like me, you will feel a bit peckish before you hit the sack. I tend to grab the easiest bite in the grocery cupboard, cookies! Oops! You’ll fare better when choosing wisely from the selection I’ve suggested above. Perhaps, tonight, I’ll give that cherry juice a go!

Image source:

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Take care of yourself: top tips how


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Read the full article by Emma Boucher  here.


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Infographic: how to create the perfect meal

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We all know the basics of nutrition, excercise, sleep and stress management. The problem is that we often struggle to balance our own wellness and health with the challenges of every day life.

If you are interested in finding that balance, applying the knowledge so that you can lose weight or just live a healthier life, you need  Precision Nutrition Coaching. No matter what challenges you face, PNC will help you to improve your life. Read all about them here.


BERARDI, John, Ph.D.  Create the perfect meal with this simple 5-step guide. [Infographic]  [Web:] Precision