Negative Thinking: how to win the war against yourself


We’ve all been there… simply feel that NOTHING EVER good happens to you or that, if you do this or that, it will fail miserably. In the end, friends, if you are really honest with yourself, your misery is totally your own fault! Unfortunately many of us have lost our trust in humanity (and technology) so we have been groomed to expect the worst.

Do you realize how unhappy this can make a person? The glass is half full….ALWAYS!! You never see the bright side of things and words like ‘yes, but..’ is scattered throughout all conversations. Sometimes, as a counselor, I just want to shake people to wake them up to the brilliant and beautiful world around them, MAKE them count their blessings. What IS this thing with SUFFERING being the trend these days?

Well, I discovered a wonderful article that I want to share with you today. Health and Fitness author Melli says: “Getting drawn into a pattern of negative thinking can be likened to building a prison in your own mind. It holds you captive.” [Health And Fitness:n.d.)]

Some people are so ‘locked up’ in their ‘prisons’ that it seems their is no way out. It has become part of your life, but you tend to forget…..this is NOT you, this is ugly bad attitude rearing its head. Melli shares four key tips on how to get yourself out of that doomed disposition.

Read the article here.


HEALTH AND FITNESS.  n.d.  The four keys to overcoming negative thinking for good.[Web:]  [Date of Access:] January 12, 2017








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