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Common Myths About Low Impact Living (And What To Do Instead)

Via @mindbodygreen by #EmmaLoewe

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“Pretty much everything we do has some sort of impact on the environment — more often than not, a negative one. We should all strive to make our routines a bit greener, but it can be hard to decide the most significant, responsible way to do so. This infographic dispels eight pervasive green myths and lists some actions that would prove more effective….” [Loewe] Continue reading here.


LOEWE, Emma.  2016. 8 Common Myths About Low-Impact Living (And What To Do Instead).  [Web:] MindBodyGreen.  [Date of Access:]  20 January 2016.



The perfect 20-minute workout: here are 7 tips to get you going

Via @mindbodygreen by Brian Syuki

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“Here’s the brutal truth: Most workout sessions last longer than they should. You can build an effective, high-intensity workout in just 20 minutes and reap all of the same benefits you’d get from an hour-long workout…”

Bryan Syuki shares these 7 tips to help you plan a highly effective 20-minute workout…AT HOME! [You can read more details about these tips here.]

  1. Do full-body exercises.
  2. Try circuit training.
  3. Time yourself.
  4. Avoid distractions.
  5. Reduce rest periods between sets.
  6. Plan your routine before you get to the gym.
  7. Train at home.

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SYUKI, Brian.  2016.  7 Simple Tips To A Perfect 20-Minute Workout  [Web:] Mind Body Green.  [Date of Access:] 19 January 2016.

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Self-talk: Avoid telling yourself these 5 things

Via @mindbodygreen by #SteveKamb

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If you’re a rational human being, then you probably have a tiny voice in your head that tells you why certain things are possible and other things aren’t.

  1. “I don’t have time.”
  2. “I can’t afford it.”
  3. “I’m too old.”
  4. “I don’t have the same opportunities as other people.”
  5. “Life isn’t a fairy tale, movie, or game. Be realistic.”

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KAMB, Steve. 2016. 5 Things You Should NEVER Say To Yourself – [Web:] MindBodyGreen.  [Date of Access:] 13 January 2016.

Photo credit: Stocksy


What a dog can teach us about happiness

via @Artofimproving

Have you ever noticed the positive attitude dogs seem to have? They take every day as it comes and just ENJOY.

This video by Nat Johnson illustrates just that and suggests that we take the hint. Perhaps it is true that we, the ‘masters’ of the animal, can indeed learn something from them.

Read the article here.


JOHNSON, Nat. n.d. What a dog can teach us about the meaning of life. [Web:] [Date of Access:] 8 January 2016