Impulse vs Intuition – Deciphering Between Your Inner Guidance

Via @collectiveevol @angie_gnc

[Read full article by Angela Norambuena here.]

“Intuition. Your inner voice. Your gut feeling. The voice inside you that somehow knows which way to go. It’s the inner map we have that guides us on a path of happiness, love, peace and fulfilment. It’s an example of the pure magic we have within ourselves which can be so easy to ignore in our busy everyday lives full of pressures, deadlines, expectations and bills.

When you start to try and listen to your inner voice, you might come to a fork in the road. How can you tell if the voice inside of you is actually your intuition speaking to you, or if it’s just impulse?”

What is  Impulse? And Intuition? What is the difference between the two?

Find out answers to these questions and more here.


Impulse VS Intuition – Deciphering Between Your Inner Guidance | Collective-Evolution


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