If We Lived By These 10 Great Quotes The World Would Change

Via @CollectiveEvol

Peace comes from within via Collective Evolution

I know this is simply too easy…to suggest that we should live by the wisdom shared by the genius minds of yesterday. But it is tempting, isn’t it, to think that, all we need to do is to listen to the words of those who experienced controversy, who suffered at the hands of the immoral…those who seem to have the secret to survival of life in general.

Andrew Martin from Collective Evolution talks about the world as it is today…filled with war, famine, injustice, death and destruction…. He says, and I quote: “It seems strange when we have access to so much knowledge and collective wisdom that there continues to be such suffering conflict and ignorance.” [Source: Collective Evolution]

Click here to see all ten quotes.


MARTIN, Andrew. 2014. If we lived by these 10 great quotes the world would change. [Web:] Collective Evolution. [Date of Access:] 15 August 2015


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