Surviving ANA

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you suspect someone you love is struggling with an eating disorder or if you, yourself, feel hopelessly lost, fighting the demon within. Click on the Social Media icons and inbox me before it is too late. YOU CAN FIGHT THIS AND YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND WORTHY OF LIFE. Be strong. xxx Sharon

This One Life

Watching the biographical ‘’Starving in Suburbia’’ otherwise known as ‘’Thinspiration’’….a true-life drama  about a 17-year old dancer struggling with anorexia, brought back some tough memories of my own. The struggle that never really ends once begun, the obsession that no one seems to understand, it came back in a flood.

This young girl in the story was influenced by something she saw on the internet, so people could point fingers and accuse those who created the website or sites for being the cause of her illness. What caused me to become sick back in the day? I wonder that myself. Over the years, 30 of those  now, I’ve been wondering….why did it happen? Me, who so adamantly professed that I will never get an eating disorder, because I loved food too much….when and why…questions forever unanswered, even now, after all the years. Maybe it is time, yes?

Was it the…

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