Why Kids Need Yoga in their lives now more than ever

Via @MindBodyGreen   By #CherylMacDonald

Photo Credit: Stocksy

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More than ever, kids today are spending more time indoors, at home and sitting at their desks at school. Our children’s activities and definitions of “fun” shouldn’t be limited to television, iPads and video games.

Yoga allows us to interact with our children in a playful way, by fueling their imagination and lust for life. Click to continue reading.

Here are five great reasons why kids today need yoga in their lives:

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  1. Concentration is enhanced.
  2. Flexibility and balance are increased.
  3. Overall well-being is improved.
  4. Continued practice boosts confidence.
  5. Relaxed mind and awareness increases.

Yoga helps children to relax and de-stress when they feel upset or depressed. It helps them to live life in a state of higher awareness and helps to put their stresses and strains into perspective. It soothes their frayed minds and helps them get back to a calm mental state.

[Read full article on MBG here.]

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