Work Fatigue: Triggers and Factors (part 1 blog post)

soulFREE wellness

This blog is a two part discussion around work fatigue, in specific, triggers and factors that may contribute to your work fatigue. Part 2 will discuss tips and solutions!

Work Fatigue. It’s a phenomenon that we all know, but may not recognize when it appears and takes shape. Sometimes it starts with the heavy sigh when you are at your desk or workspace. Or when you stare blankly into nothingness, pure nothingness, thinking about all the tasks you created and have to do; thinking about the unobtainable goals you created for yourself; Thinking about when your shift is finally over; but most of all, thinking about how tired you are. This is what I would call work fatigue, and you don’t always know where the origin comes from, but you know that it produces feelings of anger, exhaustion, resentment (against supervisors, coworkers, audience in which you are working with), regret, and the…

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