Work Fatigue: Tips and Suggestions (part 2 blog post)

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This is part 2 of the “Work Fatigue” Blog Posts discussing the tips and suggestions. 

Based on a collection of interviews I conducted from various working class people from different job oriented fields (counselors, construction worker, engineer, studio artists, medical field), these triggers/factors listed above contributed to their work fatigue. You may identify with a few of these things or may fall into one extreme or another. You may need to add to this list! Here are some ways you can combat work fatigue in a productive, positive way, and also help your peers/coworkers take part in this process:

-Understand what your role is, and control what is in your control: Sometimes, it requires us to take a step back and figure out if we really understand our role in our workspace. That may mean looking over your job description (always keep this!), and assess whether you are meeting or…

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