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Surviving ANA

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you suspect someone you love is struggling with an eating disorder or if you, yourself, feel hopelessly lost, fighting the demon within. Click on the Social Media icons and inbox me before it is too late. YOU CAN FIGHT THIS AND YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND WORTHY OF LIFE. Be strong. xxx Sharon

This One Life

Watching the biographical ‘’Starving in Suburbia’’ otherwise known as ‘’Thinspiration’’….a true-life drama  about a 17-year old dancer struggling with anorexia, brought back some tough memories of my own. The struggle that never really ends once begun, the obsession that no one seems to understand, it came back in a flood.

This young girl in the story was influenced by something she saw on the internet, so people could point fingers and accuse those who created the website or sites for being the cause of her illness. What caused me to become sick back in the day? I wonder that myself. Over the years, 30 of those  now, I’ve been wondering….why did it happen? Me, who so adamantly professed that I will never get an eating disorder, because I loved food too much….when and why…questions forever unanswered, even now, after all the years. Maybe it is time, yes?

Was it the…

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New Study Highlights Yoga’s Cardiovascular Benefits

Via  @YI_Mag by Kat Haegberg

[Excerpt only, read full article here.]

“Yoga is as good for your heart as aerobic exercise,”…this according to new research.

Said research, led by professor Myriam Hunink, found that yoga reduces the key risk factors of heart disease, including lower BMI and heart rate, as well as weight reduction, improved cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure.

How does yoga, therefore, compare with other forms of exercise, like aerobics? Continue reading here to find the answers and possibilities and to learn more about the views of other experts on this subject.

Why Kids Need Yoga in their lives now more than ever

Via @MindBodyGreen   By #CherylMacDonald

Photo Credit: Stocksy

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More than ever, kids today are spending more time indoors, at home and sitting at their desks at school. Our children’s activities and definitions of “fun” shouldn’t be limited to television, iPads and video games.

Yoga allows us to interact with our children in a playful way, by fueling their imagination and lust for life. Click to continue reading.

Here are five great reasons why kids today need yoga in their lives:

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  1. Concentration is enhanced.
  2. Flexibility and balance are increased.
  3. Overall well-being is improved.
  4. Continued practice boosts confidence.
  5. Relaxed mind and awareness increases.

Yoga helps children to relax and de-stress when they feel upset or depressed. It helps them to live life in a state of higher awareness and helps to put their stresses and strains into perspective. It soothes their frayed minds and helps them get back to a calm mental state.

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9 Signs Of A High-Functioning Alcoholic



Why Introverts Have Difficulty with Word Retrieval: Neuroscience Explains.

bria varner


The science behind why introverts struggle to speak by Jenn Granneman as originally seen on Introvert, Dear.

Sorry, Speeches. I haven’t been the best about highlighting Better Hearing and Speech Month. So here’s one for you!

Being an introvert myself, I often have terrible word recall. And it always happens at the most inopportune moments too. I have found that with the more languages I learn, the slower this gets too. So not only do I have to take the long route to the actual word, I also have to pick the route to the right word in the language I want! So all the time I’ll be standing there trying to find an English word and the only thing that comes to mind is the Spanish word or vice versa. I’m not good enough at sign language yet for those to pop-up like that.. yet. All the while…

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Work Fatigue: Tips and Suggestions (part 2 blog post)

soulFREE wellness

This is part 2 of the “Work Fatigue” Blog Posts discussing the tips and suggestions. 

Based on a collection of interviews I conducted from various working class people from different job oriented fields (counselors, construction worker, engineer, studio artists, medical field), these triggers/factors listed above contributed to their work fatigue. You may identify with a few of these things or may fall into one extreme or another. You may need to add to this list! Here are some ways you can combat work fatigue in a productive, positive way, and also help your peers/coworkers take part in this process:

-Understand what your role is, and control what is in your control: Sometimes, it requires us to take a step back and figure out if we really understand our role in our workspace. That may mean looking over your job description (always keep this!), and assess whether you are meeting or…

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