6 Tips for When Your ADHD Child Is Out of Control

Via @EverydayHealth by #LisaAro

6 Tips for When Your ADHD Child Is Out of Control

Saying that having a child or children with ADHD is daunting, is like saying the Empire State is a only little office building. Having such a child myself, I know how hard it can be for both parent and child. Yes, I also felt like giving up at times, and yes, yes and yes, I did lose my temper A LOT, but people like Lisa Aro gives those of us still struggling to come to terms with the issues in our child’s life hope that there can be effective ways of dealing with all the problems that kids with ADHD have.

It need NOT be such a ‘’monstrous’’ issue anymore and in her article she shares basic practices that she and her husband put in place in order to remain sane. It is important, though, that one has to remember that the change should begin within the parent and, as with ms Aro, the children will follow.

Read the full article here.

Lisa Aro’s tips for effective ADHD-parenting are:

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  1. Learn, Listen, and Understand
  2. No Fuel, No Fire
  3. Keep It Simple
  4. Teach
  5. Be Consistent
  6. Change Your Expectations

Lisa adds: ‘’… ever since I stopped trying to fit my uniquely shaped family into society’s little square hole, our lives have been workable, and we truly enjoy our family.’’

Thanks for the brilliant advice, Lisa and good luck to parents and children alike. I know I’m going to give this a try!


ARO, Lisa. 2015.6 Tips for When Your ADHD Child Is Out of Control. [Web:] www.everydayhealth.com  [Date of Access:] 29 April 2015

6 Tips for When Your ADHD Child Is Out of Control


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