Kundalini Yoga: Why It Has The Power To Heal

Via @MindBodyGreen by Eilish Bouchier

Kundalini Yoga: Why It Has The Power To Heal + Isn't As Weird As You May Think

Picture yourself in stress or pain, and a healer sits next to you, lightly touching your arm. Then suddenly, that sinister energy just shifts in your body and you are completely relaxed. The healer is relaxed. Later you realize that whatever had been nagging you has shifted as though it were magic …

The powerful modality known as Sat Nam Rasayan is a healing branch of Kundalini yoga. Translated as the “deep relaxation into the Divine truth,” it is often met with a raised eyebrow. Some might even say that it’s the weird form of yoga.

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Some interesting need-to-know facts about Kundalini yoga:

Kundalini — the yoga of awareness — is all about uplifting you.

Its essence lies in Shuniyawhich brings your being to a neutral point, or zero. It is from this space that profound healing can occur, allowing for an open channel of energetic communication between healer and patient.

Everything is suspended in this space — judgment, analysis, knowledge and wisdom. There is no engagement of the mind.

There’s no request, no pushing, no intention. Just pure contemplation.

Does it sound a bit like magic?

It was Yogi Bhajan who passed down these teachings to Guru Dev, bestowing in him the task of bringing Sat Nam Rasayan to the world.

And if you want to read more on MindBodyGreen about Kundalini yoga, click hereIf you wish to experience Sat Nam Rasayan for yourself, you can check out Guru Dev’s website to find the teachings in your locality.

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BOUCHIER, E.  2015. Kundalini Yoga: Why it has the power to heal.  [Web:] www.mindbodygreen.com.  [Date of Access:] 27 April 2015

Kundalini Yoga: Why It Has The Power To Heal + Isn't As Weird As You May Think


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