Eating Disorders – still a silent killer

Via @WalesOnline on Twitter

The prevalence of eating disorders is disturbing and the obsession with being ultra-slim, look-like-a-model ideas the young people (male and female) have is really a problem. Being a South African citizen and Anorexia survivor, I’ve thought that it is slowly, but surely becoming something of the past. For instance: France recently banned the appearance of super-thin models, but still, body-morphic disorder seems to increase.

These days the focus is on self-acceptance, self-appreciation, but still people (even those who claim they’ve accepted their appearance) keep on wishing and hoping that they could be as thin/muscular/well-built, whatever than their icons. I’ve been hoping that, as we all are becoming more health conscious, that we will understand that a healthy body is NOT super thin (or super obese) for that matter.

In my practice I am, at present, devising a program that will hopefully change the minds of those obsessive people who claim that perfection in appearance will secure social acceptance.

The answer lies NOT without, but WITHIN… have to be happy in mind and soul, to finally accept the body that God has given you. Therefore I applaud those in the world who has already managed to master a holistic approach to bringing and end to this obsession with appearance and beauty. You see, the root of the problem lies not with appearance per se, it lies with deep, emotional issues and in gaining/losing weight, one is only treating the symptom and, as we all have learned, treating the symptom never gets rid of the disease itself.


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