5 Signs You’re Living Too Small

Via Psychology Today

Pocket : 5 Signs You’re Living Too Small

David Sack writes in Psychology Today about our tendency to dream big, but live small. Have you ever made that mistake?  I’m sure we’ve all do that at some point in our lives. But….is it how you live? Are you afraid to try new things? Afraid of any type of change? Make lots of plans, but find endless excuses NOT to get around to it?

Do you….

  1. ….wait to be asked (Can I help you? or Can YOU help ME?)
  2. ….you have a tendency to avoid confrontation
  3. ….make room for the little stuff in your life before tackling (or trying to) the big things
  4. ….criticism hurts you instead of helping you grow
  5. ….plan more than you produce

If you can answer yes to these questions (1, 2 or all of them) click here to read the full article on Psychology Today. You may learn something!

IMPORTANT HINT! DO IT NOW…..DON’T PUT IT OFF. This is something for YOURSELF and I think each one of us deserve to fulfill our potential. Don’t get in your own way.




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