Watch These Little Kids Explain Why They Love Yoga

Via @MindBodyGreen

Sure, kids can effortlessly bend their bodies like a pretzel and pop up into a perfect Wheel Pose, but what kids really benefit from in yoga is a sense of calm and clarity that they can take with them off their mat and eventually, into their adult lives.

Our friends at Wanderlust Festival partnered with Yoganonymous and put together this super-cute mini documentary that features kids not just doing yoga, but also explaining a little of their own take on yogic philosophy.

At Little Hippies Yoga School in Calgary, Alberta, one girl mentions, “Sometimes I need to go to a yoga class because I’m all stressed out and just wanna calm down… so I can relax and stuff.”

Sounds like we adults aren’t the only ones who have to worry about stress in today’s fast-paced world! When asked if she thought adults need yoga more than kids need yoga, her response was, “It’s just the same as adults ’cause one day they’re gonna be adults and they’re gonna have to know these same things.” That’s one wise little sage.

“It’s not dumb-dog, it’s down dog!” A boy was playfully corrected. At least we can be reassured that kids aren’t taking their yoga practice too seriously. Here’s the video!


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