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the HOLISTIC pages

A collection of news articles focusing on healing and balance of mind, body and spirit, acknowledging the world around us and our social network with kindness and compassion.

Warnings Against Antidepressants For Teens

May Have Backfired : Shots – Health News : NPR

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ACA – Government warnings that antidepressants may be risky for adolescents, and the ensuing media coverage, appear to have caused an increase in suicide attempts among young people, researchers reported…

Health Tip: Set Rules About Bunk Beds – MedicineNet – (HealthDay News) — Bunk beds may be fun for children, but they can pose hazards, especially for children who aren’t old enough to use them safely. The American Academy of Pediatrics offers this ad…

KingdomNomics Applied Devotional

(Day 4) – One of the measuring sticks we can use to evaluate whether or not Christ’s purposes have become our purposes is this question: “What is consuming my life?” Are you only concerned about matters rega…

What A Difference A Loving Dad Made

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ManKind Project – My father — an old lion of a man — would bark, “They don’t give a fuck about you,” any time I called a rapper, athlete or actor a “beast” for their artistic or athletic feats. “Your mother, she’s t…

28 Incredibly Touching Photos Of Fathers Seeing Their Babies For The First Time

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ManKind Project – There is nothing more powerful than a father’s love for his children. Robert Higgins, 22 arrives at the Long Beach Naval Station after deployment on the Samuel N Moore in 1966. He sees his wife Mau..



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