20 Things You Should Stop Apologizing For

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Via 20 Things You Should Stop Apologizing For.


Have you ever been in a situation where you held your breath or bit your tongue? Maybe you found yourself apologizing for something you weren’t really sorry about?

Apologizing can be a form of social acceptance. We try to fit in so we scoot alongside others, sometimes sacrificing our beliefs, hiding our thoughts and perfecting our behavior, all in an attempt to mend the situation and fit in.

When things don’t go as planned, or we allow our insecurities to creep into the present moment, saying “I’m sorry” can be the easy path out of awkwardness.

What about the drama-filled moments that warrant no apology? Our parents taught us to apologize because it makes us feel better. But what about refusing to say, “I’m sorry”?

Sometimes it feels fantastic not to apologize.

When we acknowledge we don’t always have to apologize, it actually makes us feel more empowered. And this control and power translates into more feelings of self-worth. The more comfortable you are with yourself and choices, the less you will need to defend yourself or seek approval with an apology.

In the spirit of you celebrating your unique self, here are 20 things to stop apologizing for.

1. Putting yourself first.

2. Walking away from what no longer works.

3. The shape and size of your body.

4. Your unconventional habits and unique personality traits.

5. Realizing a dream that came true wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s OK to change course.

6. Your choices.

7. Taking care of yourself and putting your health into focus.

8. Doing what you want, when you want.

9. Turning down invites to social situations.

10. Ending relationships that aren’t right for you.

11. Changing your beliefs.

12. Being different from your more organized, talented, together or not divorced sibling.

13. Wanting to travel and see the world.

14. Calling in sick when you need a day for you.

15. The amount of money you earn.

16. Mistakes or failed situations. Forgive yourself.

17. Wanting to stay in or be alone on a Friday night.

18. Wanting more for yourself and loved ones.

19. Your successes.

20. Loving yourself.

All to often we think apologizing will make things right, but sometimes being true to yourself and honoring your own needs is the best way to make things right.

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