Is Fear of Happiness Real? #PsychologyToday #Emotions #PeterLambrou

Research reveals why some of us are afraid of happy events.


Click here for original article: Is Fear of Happiness Real? | Psychology Today.

We can all understand fear of snakes, heights, needles, even clowns, but a fear of happiness? It’s hard to wrap one’s mind around the idea that a person could be afraid to be happy.

Some years ago, while working with a client named Sarah on anxiety related to her work, and exploring what brought her happiness, she remarked, “I’m afraid to really feel happy.”

I was surprised at her comment. I asked, “What are you afraid will happen if you feel happy?”

This competent and intelligent middle-aged woman said that throughout her life, whenever she became jubilant or joyful, “the other shoe fell,” and something unpleasant, disappointing, or painful seemed to follow in short order. I explored with her how she might be having selective perception and was noticing negative events out of negative expectation, rather than from a direct cause and effect in which feeling happy caused the subsequent bad events to occur.

In explaining her fear, Sarah recalled…… here to continue reading original article.



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